Celebs Against Human Trafficking: Brand Ambassador Spotlight on Carla Stephens

24 May 2016
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Celebs Against Human Trafficking: Brand Ambassador Spotlight on Carla Stephens

Human Trafficking is an issue plaguing the nation and is rapidly on the rise across the globe. This inhumane form of modern day slavery affects over 100,000 children in the United States. Carla Stephens set out on a mission to bring awareness to the growing epidemic and gain support of communities worldwide by founding the initiative “Celebs Against Human Trafficking”.

Celebs Against Human Trafficking is an initiative that consists of monthly social events (luncheons, cocktail gatherings, etc.) that are hosted by a Celebrity/Influencer for their friends and family in support of girls and women who are victims of domestic sex trafficking.  Event attendees get the opportunity to learn more about the issue of human trafficking, determine ways to promote awareness/support efforts of organization, and make financial contributions that help Wellspring Living survivors.  

Carla Stephens, Philanthropist, Community Advocate and Reality Star has been named the first-ever Celebrity Brand Ambassador of Wellspring Living. Carla recently hosted the first Installment of the Celebs Against Human Trafficking Event. The launch event was an intimate Lunch attended by select special invited celebrities and influencers; a topic of discussion included partnering as a Celebrity Host of a Celebs Against Human Trafficking Event.

Some celebs in attendance included Dr. Jackie Walters (Bravo's Married to Medicine), Shayzon Prince & Amber Bryant (Bravo Mother Funders), Dedra Allen (We tv ' Cuttin' it in the A), Alexcius Branch(Philanthropist & State Farm Agent), Gwendolyn Moss (Selling it in the A) and guest Nina Bell of Southern Belle Entertainment, Simone Edwards (Former WNBA player/Seattle Storm), Kysha Cameron (Ryan Cameron Foundation),  Lisa Chester (Executive Director at Warrick Dunn Charities, Inc), Shawn Smash Jet (Jay and Shay Show), Sheryl Merrit (Stewardship Manager for Wellspring Living).

Carla has teamed up with other celebrities who are on a mission to make a difference, and that have a platform to bring awareness and influence to impact change. Carla also partnered with Kontrol Magazine as the Media Sponsor for these events. With their support and brand recognition attached to it, these events are expected to draw the attention and support of parents, community groups, businesses, teachers and other members of the community.

(Carla Stephens, Bravo's Mother Funders)

(Amber Bryant, Bravo's Mother Funders)

(Shayzon Prince, Bravo's Mother Funders)

(Dr. Jackie Walters, Bravo's Mother Funders)

(Gwendolyn Moss, WE TV's Selling It in the ATL)

(Dr. Alexcius Branch, Philanthropist & State Farm Agent)

(Simone Edwards, Former WNBA player/Seattle Storm)

Learn more about Celebs Against Human Trafficking and get involved today! wellspringliving.org



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