SHOE GAME Variety!

17 March 2015
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SHOE GAME Variety!

Hello Beauties!!!!

               Now I will say we still have a few more days left, but it’s honestly time to put the Uggs towards the back of your closet.  I know…I know…who can resist the comfort of walking in a bundle of soft, cuddly, sheepskin? Have no fear because there are so many options to choose from.  I love shoes.  In fact, it’s one of my favorite closet staples.  Shoes can always turn an outfit from casual to formal in less than a minute and vice versa.

               BEAUTIES…This week let’s talk shoes!! The good thing is that over the years style and comfort have been combined.  Sneakers have also been factored in!  Some of the prettiest dresses and skirts have been paired with sneakers and clumpy, rubber sole shoes. For all my high heel BEAUTIES, wedges and lower heel pumps bring the best of both worlds.  These types of pumps can easily switch you from office to happy hour.  Some of my favs are below, but as ALWAYS…wear what you can afford and what makes you feel most comfortable!


Remember, put your best foot forward and think SPRING when deciding on shoes!

Stay tuned for more Beauty and Style tips each Tuesday!! 



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