Jazz up that Outfit!

20 March 2015
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Jazz up that Outfit!

Hey Ladies,

Ever go to your closet and feel like you have nothing to wear? Yes, we have all been there. I’m here to assure you that accessories are the key to jazzing up a simple outfit. Let s face it, while we all would love to rush out to the mall each time we have happy hours with the girl or party events, finances and time constraints just don’t allow us to. Remember you have all the accessories lying around just waiting to be worn.

My favorite is the Egyptian Bib style necklace. At the launch party for Shopaholic City I wore a simple crop top and black pencil skirt. To jazz this outfit up, I wore a silver bib necklace. Within an instance…bamm, I felt like I stepped straight off the runway. This necklace added fashion flair and fierceness. Still don’t feel like you have the right piece of jewelry to add? Check out online stores such as Forever 21 and H&M and just start collecting a few pieces. Trust me you will thank me when you are standing in the closet with nothing to wear.

Have a great weekend fashionistas!

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