5 Ways to Start to the Vacay Lifestyle: Stress Free… Debt Free

23 March 2015
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5 Ways to Start to the Vacay Lifestyle: Stress Free… Debt Free

Most people dream of living the Vacay lifestyle but don’t actually do so until they’ve retired. Here are 5 things you can do right now to start to live the Vacay lifestyle, gain financial freedom and start to feel better about yourself and your choices. We all have to start somewhere so don’t beat yourself up about your past decisions; instead make a vow to really LIVE!! Once your mind is made up these 5 steps will feel natural.  You will have more confidence and will gain more focus and clarity on how to design the lifestyle you want.

  1. Create A Vision Board

This is your life by design. Start to think bigger and dream as if you have all the money and time in the world. A vision board is exactly what it sounds like, a board that has pictures, words, phrases and that are positive messages to you. Place your vision board where you see it daily and for 5 minutes every day hold your vision in mind; the more you do this the more your vision becomes more realistic no matter how farfetched.

  1. Practice Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations speak to your inner voice or who you really are on the inside. Be your own number one fan. Be your own motivator. By constantly reminding yourself that you are AWESOME. Repeat to yourself “I will make it” “I am a Master Piece”, “I Love Me”… these are just a few affirmations that you should always remind yourself of constantly throughout the day. Add more quotes that speak to you and convey who YOU are. It can be lyrics from your fave song, biblical verses or something someone you love told you growing up.


Keep A Journal

Write down how your days flow.  It is great to vent by keeping account of what’s happening so you are able to establish milestones and growth regardless of how big or how small. Also, writing helps your creativity flow; write down your ideas no matter how crazy, weird or absurd they may seem.  Writing down your goals can help you take a thought and bring it into your physical reality as writing releases your creative energy from the imaginary world to the physical world. Writing helps you remember who you are on those not so great days.

  1. Get Debt Free

Now that you are clear on what you want, who you are and what you want to do, it is time to get debt free. There are tons of services offered to repair your credit and consolidate loans. By doing this you are taking the steps to financial freedom and mental freedom. You are no longer a slave to the conundrum of worry and strife. The best thing is to use a service that helps you understand where you are and provides the necessary steps and education to remaining debt free.  www.GETDRCREDIT.com  has a full suite of professional services. If you only have a few blemishes on your credit report and want to do the leg work on your own then www.FIXYOUROWNCREDIT.biz maybe perfect for you. Regardless of what you choose, this HAS to be done in order to move forward and live the life of your dreams. Think about it, you don’t want to go off on an exclusive vacation and come back to a stack of bill collector notices.


  1. Join A Travel Club

Join a travel club that offers travel discounts and member perks so that when you travel you are not reaching beyond your means; www.VACAYLIFESTYLE.PAYCATION.COM is a great travel club and home-based business. You will be surrounded by other people from all walks of life that also have goals and envision themselves living the lux life. With this particular group you collect commission when you book your trips online that would otherwise go to someone else. Everyone knows that when you have a home-based business the list off tax write-offs are very attractive, on top of the commission that you’re getting by booking your trip online and then writing your trip off as a business expense. You will have eased your way into the Vacay lifestyle. It’s a WIN all around!!! Join Us. #Travel #Shop #Post

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