The Best Accessory is Eating Right!

26 March 2015
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The Best Accessory is Eating Right!

Hello Beauties!!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the Spring season thus far! There have been lots of mixed temperatures.  All true signs of Spring in the air! 

For those that know me, I live by the statement, “Beauty comes from within”.  No amount of makeup, faux lashes, extensions, enhancements, and lifts can replace the way we treat our bodies each and every day!  Two of my main beauty regimens are WATER and SLEEP!  The two go hand in hand and our bodies let us know when they are needed. Trust me; this is based on personal experience.

We often see dark under eye circles, feel fatigued and tired, but we keep going- Only to wake up and plop tons of concealer and foundation to mask the situation.  This cannot be expressed enough!  Water hydrates your skin and sleep helps to take away grogginess. I included a few quick tips below to help aid with your current beauty regimen.  P.S.  Green tea and water are my favs!!!

Drink green tea regularly.  Green tea helps with weight loss and fat burning, improving physical performance, fights allergies (sleep well), UV protections, and can help with healthy gums and teeth. 

Hydrate skin from within by drinking plenty of water.

Sleep-You will feel so much better when well rested.  Plus, sleep improves memory, reduces stress, and sharpens attention.  Sleep will help remedy those heavy, under eye bags and dark eye circles.

Exercise-Pack those sneakers and begin taking brisk walks before going directly home after work or even on your lunch break.  

Stay tuned for more Beauty and Style tips each Tuesday!! 

Smooches ;)


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