Beauty Tips 101-Cheat Sheet

08 April 2015
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Beauty Tips 101-Cheat Sheet

Beauty Tips 101-Cheat Sheet

With all of the spring cleaning going on, I’m here to provide you a simple cheat sheet to help cleanup  your beauty routine.  Sometimes, just switching up a few things can make a big difference!

  1. Try and use a skin moisturizer with at least SPF 15.
  2. Apply serums before moisturizers.
  3. Store razors in a dry place after using, not in the shower or moist, damp areas. Water can cause corrosion on the blades-YUCK!!
  4. NO Community makeup. Never share makeup or sleep in it.
  5. Using makeup wipes are good to remove makeup, but remember to also wash your face thoroughly to remove excess dirt, oil, and bacteria.
  6. Wash make-up brushes with a brush cleaner or baby shampoo and lay flat on a towel to air dry.
  7. Don’t wait! Apply lotion immediately after showering or bathing. This will trap moisture and seal for dry skin.

Did you know that without consistency in your beauty routine, all of your efforts are almost pointless?

Stay tuned for more Beauty and Style tips each week!!                            

Smooches ;)



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