Feature Spotlight: Fashion Citizen

22 April 2015
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Feature Spotlight: Fashion Citizen

Devon Pina is the founder and Creative Director of the highly successful and well-known blog, Fashion Citizen. Fashion Citizen has been able to create an online culture of fashion, elegance, lifestyle, opulence and affordability that few others have been able to emulate. 

Devon’s fashion background is truly organic with a love for textures, patterns, menswear, womenswear and color; Devon's own personal style started a conversation, which turned into clients and business supporters from friends, neighbors and strangers. 

Fashion Citizen has taken on the call of being a truly articulate fashion source with the mix of what-to-wear, ready-to-wear and wishful thinking. The blog has become more of a guide for the trendy, stylistic and cutting edge fashion-forward thinkers.

Visit Fashion Citizen’s Site at:


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