Spotlight: Kat Harvey, CEO of Success Nothing Less

14 May 2015
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Spotlight: Kat Harvey, CEO of Success Nothing Less

Kat Harvey is the CEO of Success Nothing Less(SNL)/entrepreneur from Washington, D.C. that has interviewed and built relationships with A-List Celebrities and People of Influence from around the world. The SNL show was created to empower people worldwide and allow people from all walks of life to tell their story on how they were able to make their dreams a reality. SNL has the blueprint of success to take the average person to the life of their dreams or the already successful person to make their lives even more extraordinary.



"So many people are caught up in the noise of life such as; debt, family, career, financial obligation, and other Life responsibilities that cause them to believe that they can’t pursue their dreams. I remember knowing what it was like to go day in and day out tired of living the average life when you know you deserve more.

I had to make a decision to start becoming the person I wanted to be and then everything I dreamed of became attracted to me. Sometimes all you need is someone to encourage you to take massive action and show you a system to take your life to the next level." -Kat Harvey, SNL


Keep up with Kat Harvey at  and be sure to subscribe to SNL's YouTube Channel to catch up on the latest celebrity interviews.

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