Sponsor Spotlight! Inform Magazine

06 August 2015
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Sponsor Spotlight! Inform Magazine

For the past two years, Inform Magazine has been a consistent force that Informs, Inspires, Engages and Empowers Women in local communities across the Nation. They are a reader-motivated magazine that has reached the borders of 11 countries worldwide and consistently gives focus to, and shares the stories of the issues that affect today's Woman, such as Love and Relationships, Marriage, Finance, Health and Wellness, Politics, and other topics that touch the heart of those in need of enrichment. Inform magazine is offered for free online, and printed versions are also available.

We are pleased to announce that Inform Magazine will be a media sponsor for Shopaholic City's Stylez & Stilletoz Red Carpet Press Event at the Bailey Agency School of Fashion on August 22, in Atlanta, GA.

Follow Inform Magazine on Social Media with the handle INFORMMAG on Facebook and Twitter, and log on to www.informmagsouth.com and subscribe to get your free bi-monthly online edition. And remember, When you get Informed, you let your voice be heard! 

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