Producer Spotlight! Mike EZ

30 October 2015
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Producer Spotlight! Mike EZ

 “You've got the music in you... Dont let go!”

                    -The New Radicals

                     “You get what you give”

A song introduced to him in high school by a supportive friend will be forever tattooed on his left arm as well as his mindset. Mike EZ, born Michael Bell, is a native Washingtonian whose life revolved around music since he was born.. Having many musical influences such as a sister who used to sing, to an uncle who used to DJ, Mike was always involved in projects dealing with the arts.

At age 16, Mike found his love for Music Production via the PlayStation game “MTV Music Generator”. This lead him to form a band along with two friends called Simple Image.

Despite many trying obstacles: poverty, homelessness, to Jail, Mike held clear of his dream to pursue a career in music production.  He landed a job as the in-house producer to Funky Derylics (FD) Productions based in Baltimore, started by Michael “Touch” Collins.  Michael gave Mike EZ the chance to fully harness and expand on his talents as well as help cultivate future artists' potential.

By 2009, Mike EZ started to reinvent himself. His main genres to work on are Hiphop (mostly underground and sample based East Coast style) and R&B;  and he doesn’t hesitate to expand his knowledge, to other genres.

Mike was asked what he would like to do with this music, to which his response was, “I wanna make a song that will be played for years to come.. I want to be a legend like my idols like Duke Ellington, Langston Hughes, 9thwonder (little brother), Quincy Jones, and like the earliest composers such as Mozart, Bach, Chopin.. etc..

On his off time, he is a big greedy glut (loves to eat and cook/grill), watching Anime (Sailor Moon is his fav), gardening, bowling, and pool.. People often say that he is eccentric... and he agrees 100%.

Can you tell by his music?? Check him out and let him know what you think.

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