Business Spotlight! GYASI Enterprises

09 November 2015
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Business Spotlight! GYASI Enterprises

CEO Gyasi (Dakari “Gyasi” Thurmon) is making waves and giving back to communities in a major way.

The name Gyasi (JAH-SEE) means “Wonderful One” in Swahili, and happens to be Dakari’s middle name.  With his clothing line GYASI Clothing, to GYASI Entertainment and The Dakari Project Foundation, Gyasi is providing a platform for others, while giving back to those in need. When customers purchase clothing, a percentage of the proceeds are donated to The Dakari Project, a non-profit foundation for inner city youth. Gyasi Enterprises is not just a brand, its movement geared towards engaging others to uplift and support their communities.

Join in on that movement and support GYASI.  Follow @GyasiClothing on Instagram to stay up-to date on the brand. And check out hisother social media pages: @Kinggyasi @Gyasientertainment


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