Spotlight! Princess Of The Night Life

05 December 2015

Spotlight! Princess Of The Night Life

Radio Personality, Host, and Promoter are just a few titles to describe the Power House Krystal Venetar, best known as "Princess Of The Night Life".  A true mover and shaker on the Atlanta scene, her grind to the top of the success ladder is undeniable. Currently, she can be heard on-air hosting Highly Unique Radio’s show “On The Block"; or on the scene hosting and promoting for some of Atlanta’s hottest establishments:  Suede Lounge, Evilla Lounge, Harlem Nights, Eleven45, Krave, 255 Tapas Lounge, Sutra and many more.

Princess enjoys helping others thrive in their professions. She is a well-known supporter of several Atlanta DJ's and Underground Artists, assisting them with promotional work and advertisement on different social networks and establishments that will allow the community to hear their unique sounds.

The name "Princess Of The Night Life," was given to her from a well- known and established DJ, D.J Mook, also known as "King Of The Night Life." The story of how she became the "Princess," happens to be more interesting than people can imagine:

 “I moved to Atlanta in 2015 with no knowledge that I would find myself walking into my dream. Meeting up with long lost friends led me to a few establishments that allowed me to broaden my listening skills so that I could tell the difference in sound, music, DJ techniques, instruments and more. Through that exposure I came across a very unique sound that could not be mastered without an extensive amount of training and dedication. In 2015, I came in contact with a Friend/Family Member D.J Mook "King Of The Night Life." He introduced me to not only my name, but the Night Life scene as well.  Mook taught me how to promote effectively, BPM'S when playing music, that when DJ’ing to remember not just the moment, to learn different terminologies, and to hear the beat not just the sound. I took what I learned and effectively took over the scene within a short period of time. D.J Mook also taught me to take control of  "The Night Life" don’t let "The Night Life control you. Meaning live your dream but don’t forget who you were and the people that support you. I live by the motto Support Those Who Support You."

Princess’s career has just begun; there’s so much in store. Keep up with “Princess Of The Night Life’ on Instagram @princessofthenightlife and check her out on-air on Highly Unique Radio.


05 December 2015 at 10:54 PM
Johnny Allen

What an amazing story. So proud of you and glad that you found your calling and it has blessed you to many more blessings.

05 December 2015 at 10:45 PM
Shakeera Springs

This is AWESOME!!!

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