Spotlight!! Jay Lee Speaks

08 January 2016
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Spotlight!! Jay Lee Speaks

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life.. Powerful words coined by Author and Founder of Jay Lee Speaks, Jay Lee. This quote is also the title of his bestselling book, which offers readers an inside look into the strategies necessary to make a lifestyle shift to yield positive results, and start on the path to living the life desired and deserved.

Jay Lee, a native Washingtonian, is not only an accomplished author, but a sought after Motivational Speaker working to empower individuals from various backgrounds across the globe through conferences, workshops and one on one coaching.  These sessions are designed to “inspire individuals to reach their full potential, find their "Why" and reach the point of no return”. 

Find out more about Jay Lee, and his upcoming projects via the web at: www.JayLeeSpeaks

Follow Jay Lee on social media @JayLeeSpeaks

Purchase your copy of Change Your Mind, Change Your Life via Jay Lee's site, or visit Amazon.

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