Artist Spotlight! Makyva

17 June 2016
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Artist Spotlight! Makyva

Makyva is a multitalented artist born in Greensboro, and raised in High Point, NC. At age 2 his love for music was discovered; he could often be heard singing every song played on the radio.  Growing up Makyva used music as an outlet, a way to stay focused and humble in the midst of violence plaguing his community. He states that music allowed him to “express the struggle, pain, and tears endured throughout his life.”

Today, at age 23, Makyva can be found performing his 1st Hit Single 'Got DaMMit' at shows in various cities across the US. 'Got DaMMit' is a Hip Hop/Trap anthem that resonates with listeners who have overcome many of life’s trials and tribulations. While music is his passion, Makyva is gifted with many talents: graphic design, videography, photography, and engineering.

He is determined to do whatever it takes to reach the world and set new limits through his music. Stay up-to date with all things Makyva on Instagram @Makyva ; and check him out on YouTube:

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