Artist Spotlight! Shooty Paid

27 June 2016
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Artist Spotlight! Shooty Paid

Shooty Paid is an Independent Rap Artist from McDonough Georgia. At 23, he is already making major moves in Atlanta and is just getting started. Shooty started off building a fan base in his home city of McDonough, performing at open mics. He decided to expand his reach and can be seen performing his hot single titled "Uncle Sam" at venues across Atlanta.

Shooty Paid has an overall love for music and passion for performing and songwriting. Shooty’s music conveys real emotion “ I vent by writing music” he says.  Shooty’s genres of interest are Hip Hop and R&B, and he aspires to write lyrics and produce beats for other artist in the near future.  Shooty plans to stay consistent and connected to his fans, making timeless music that you can listen to for years to come.  

Check out the video for “Uncle Sam” on YouTube and follow Shooty Paid on Instagram at “@ShootyPaid1 to stay up to date on upcoming shows and new music release.

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