Beauty Spotlight: Sushi Bar Cosmetics

29 January 2018
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Beauty Spotlight: Sushi Bar Cosmetics

Calling All Beauty Addicts!! Get your makeup fix with Sushi Bar Cosmetics, a line of refreshing beauty products that offer a flawless finish with budget friendly prices.

Sushi Bar Cosmetics was founded in the Summer of 2017 by Asia Blackman (affectionately known as “Mama Sushi”), a young entrepreneur eager to pair her love for all things beauty with her desire to build an empire.  At age 24, Asia “Mama Sushi” is already making great strides in business.  Her line offers a variety of matte and liquid lip stains, shadow’s, blushes, beauty applicators and more.

The brand is currently recruiting more staff and gearing up to release new products.  Asia’s  goal is to “have the brand grow into one that will give women self-confidence, and allow them to be selfless enough to support the next woman.  Girl Power and creating Girl bosses is what this is all about.”

Keep up with all thing Mama Sushi and Sushi Bar Cosmetics online:

Instagram & Facebook: @SushiBarCosmetics

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