Entertainment Spotlight! Olatunji and Olaniyan #TheGloBoyzz

27 March 2017
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Entertainment Spotlight! Olatunji and Olaniyan #TheGloBoyzz

Rising stars Olatunji (Tunji) name meaning “surrounded by honor” in Nigerian and Olaniyan (Lani) name meaning “wealth returns again” are Atlanta natives taking the industry by storm.  Affectionately known to many as The Glo Boyzz, this dynamic duo are truly budding entertainers, from their charming charisma, undeniable talent and cool demeanor, these young heart throbs are sure to keep the industry buzzing and craving more.

Lani age 14 and Tunji age 12 can both be seen on this season of Sundance’s hit show Hap and Leonard Season 2.  Olaniyan’s character Ivan is a season regular with his brother Olatunji playing his body double. This platform is just the beginning as they both plan to continue on this amazing journey and work on future projects. 

Olatunji and Olaniyan’s mission is to spread awareness Albinism, a condition they both were born with and that “affects 1 in 17,000 people globally.  It is a condition in which a reduction or absence of the pigment melanin causes the person to have white skin, light hair and some vision problems”. The duo created the non-profit organization The Glo Boyzz with the intent of educating others, combat bullying and spread the message of unity, acceptance and tolerance. The two are heavily active in various charity initiates in Atlanta, and plan to travel the world going to schools, hospitals, and orphanages spreading this message.

When not on set or out in the community you can find Tunji at local high school games performing for the crowd.  Known by friends and family as being “the life of the party”, Tunji’s incredible dance moves have landed him many video features for artists in Atlanta.  He is currently in the studio working on a new project that will be out soon.

Lani, who family and friends describe as being mature for his age, is a born athlete who played AAU basketball for years helping lead is team to a championship in 2013. He can be found playing ball, video games, or hosting kid friendly events in Atanta.

The GloBoyzz have so much amazing things in the works. They are in the process of closing headphone endorsements and coming out with a sneaker line.

Keep up with the GloBoyzz on Instagram @tunjithurmon @olaniyanthurmon @thegloboyzz

And online at www.globoyzz.com

Be sure to tune in to this season on Hap & Leanord Sundace.

For booking and other information on the Globoyzz contact their manager Dakari Thurmon @KingGyasi 770-899-6954

For more info on Albinism visit: http://bit.ly/2cdTl3t

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