Fashion Spotlight! Masculine

14 November 2016
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Fashion Spotlight! Masculine

The streets have been buzzing about luxury apparel brand Masculine, founded and created by Hasan Yates. Celebrities, Socialites and Fashion Addicts can be seen rocking the trendy footwear and apparel. 

The unique name “Masculine” derives from the founders birth name which stands for Strength and Boldness. Hasan expressed that he “always had a passion for fashion and creating new things that stand out from the crowd.” The line consists of clothing, accessories and hand crafted shoes made of high quality 100% genuine Italian Leather.

Masculine will soon launch a new line of products, The S.K.Y Collection, a luxurious shoe and heel line developed by Hasan and his wife Shaterica, CFO & Co-founder. The new collection will provide stylish women’s shoes that are sure to please every shoe addicts desires.

Head over to and check out the latest footwear and apparel. Keep up with the brand on social media to stay-up-to date with new arrivals: Instagram | Masculine_1985 Facebook | Masculine Footwear

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